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Trove - The new craft?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

What if you could combine Warcraft and Minecraft, what would you get? The answer is Trove. Developed by Trion Worlds Trove takes the best qualities of these games to bring you a free, fun, voxel-based MMO. Build massive cube worlds, craft items, mine resources, ride incredible mounts and adventure with friends. Trove is currently a free Beta stage game available only in the online Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX stores.

I stumbled upon Trove while browsing the Playstation Store specifically looking at what free to play games had recently came out. Upon finding the game I said to myself, "Hey this looks interesting. Kinda looks like Minecraft. Funny I just recently did an article about Minecraft - 5 years later.". Upon playing the game you definitely feel the Minecraft ambiance but the buzzing activity especially in the Hub area of the game screams Ironforge or other major city in Warcraft. You advance in the game leveling up your character and Power Rank which can be increased by completing quests, killing monsters and upgrading to more powerful weapons. Accessibility to increasingly harder areas of the game are determined by Power Rank. The social, character class, questing and item acquisition aspects of the game are very Warcraft-esque. Even the weapon and armor quality descriptions such as Common, Epic, Legendary are heavy reminders of the game roots. Various items can be created through crafting. Accumulating of crafting materials can be accomplished by either mining or foraging the lands. The block building and mining aspect of the game is very reminiscent of Minecraft but they do away with the tedious nature of having to craft an endless supply of pickaxes to acquire ore. Upon getting to level 9 or 10 you begin to see a quest prompt to join a club. Clubs are the Warcraft equivalent of guilds. I am at level 10 now and have yet to find a club to join.

I have only been playing a couple of days and so far so good as far as fun factor. Will it stand the test of time is still to be seen. Also I am always hesitant to games which have stores to purchase items available with in-game credit only attainable with real world currency. Of course I understand the game is free and the developers need to make money but I feel with some lengthy perseverance premium items should at some point or times be attainable by free play gamers. This type of game development monetizing seems to be becoming ever more common in contrast to subscription based gaming. So from the Ragingeek we suggest you give Trove a try. It has our attention for the time being.


Dante C.


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