REVIEW - Atari VCS 800

It's been about two and one-half years (May 2018) since I originally purchased my Atari VCS 800 - Black Walnut - All-In Collectors Edition with a classic joystick and modern controller on Indiegogo for $364.00 with shipping. On the invoice it mentioned the estimated delivery date to be "July 2019", I never would have guessed I'd be receiving it in 2021 but considering the various project delays and world events it's a small miracle they were able to get the product they have today out to their Atari VCS backers. I received my Atari VCS a couple of days after New Year's Day and it just so happened that a week before that I had also gotten a Sony Playstation 5 for Christmas from my wife. After playing the Sony PS5 about a week and loving it, I experienced a momentary fear that my Atari VCS was going to start collecting dust before I even got a chance to open it but after two plus years of waiting I wasn't about to wait any longer. Out of the box, the product packaging is very nice with a modern style and retro feel, the same applies to the Atari VCS console itself. The Atari VCS has a slim sleekness showing off that its a state-of-the-art gaming system but at the same time pays tribute to its retro 1970's and 80's roots. The modern controller will appeal to contemporary gamers while the classic joystick enables people to experience and in many cases relive what family room video gaming was 40 years ago.