• Emily

Nintendo World NYC - A Nongamer Review

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Some may argue that Nintendo’s gaming empire has been an integral part of their childhood growing up. For many years, Nintendo World in New York City (Nintendo NY) has been allowing older generations to relive their childhood again and has also opened doors for younger generations to access a variety of Nintendo products. As I was on my way to the store, I was mentally preparing myself to be engulfed by their products and customers. However, when I arrived I was shocked at the fact that the exterior of the building was not as big or flashy as I imagined. Personally, I prefer stores that do not have obnoxious flashy signs to attract more customers, rather it looked modern with its blue lights and subtle Mario décor. I felt relieved and a bit excited to have Nintendo prove my expectations wrong.

Nintendo is rather a well-known gaming company and like any large company, such as Toys R' Us or Lego, I expected their flagship store to be huge and cramped with Nintendo merchandise.

When I entered, the first floor had plenty of Nintendo merchandise such as stuffed animals, shirts and book bags for all ages. Off to the side were three mini stations for people to try out their WiiU consoles and store selected games. Throughout the store they have life size Donkey Kong, Toad and Mario displays, which I believe are picture worthy because who doesn’t want to show off their experience with their favorite childhood gaming heroes up close?

As I was moving up to the second floor to see what else they had in store, each side of the room had it's own theme. One side was a collection of Zelda merchandise, figurines and collectibles. Off to another wall were Amiibo figures in a glass case, WiiU games, figurines and collectibles. However, what opened my eyes was the spacious area full of their gaming systems for customers to test. They have multiple stations with two to four 3DS'es and WiiU's with TV screens and selected games. In the center of it all, was a WiiU console connected to a large screen for people to select and play three of their games: Mario Kart 8, Star Fox Zero and Paper Mario. Watching others play with the big screen made it enjoyable to watch because it made me feel as if I was part of the game. I couldn’t get my eyes off of the screen because I felt sucked in a gaming world they’ve created. Within the same area they also had displays in chronological order of all the past Nintendo games and consoles they used to sell. It was interesting to look through their past collections and realizing how far they’ve come with the number of innovations they’ve created and how their creations have grown with the times.

Overall, the merchandise and games they had on the floor had great display presentation appeal, definitely worthy of purchase considering how people nowadays like to shop online for stuff. The Nintendo staff was very helpful, friendly and made my visit enjoyable. The only Nintendo store in the world was not disappointing or overwhelming, it was pleasant to see the experience it supplied for it's customers.

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