• Dante

Netflix's Iron Fist series - A civilized review

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Netflix's Iron Fist series premiered March 15th, 2017. The latest installment to Netflix's Marvel line-up would serve as the final precursor to the anticipated Defenders series which will include the main characters from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Many reviews from critics about the Kung Fu billionaire appear to have thus far been anything but favorable. I'd like to give my take on the Iron Fist.

The story is based on the Marvel comic book character Iron Fist created in the mid 1970's. The transition to TV has created some changes small and not so small to the original story line and supporting roles. The general overview of the Netflix story is during a private jet flight over the Himalaya mountains 10 year old Danny Rand son of Wendell Rand and at the time head of Rand Enterprises along with mother Heather are victims of a tragic crash. Both parents are killed and young Danny is left clinging to life in the bitter cold of the Himalayas and then rescued by monks from the mystical city of K'un Lun. While in K'un Lun Danny learns the ways of Buddhism, Kung Fu and eventually attains the title of the Iron Fist. Danny torn between his responsibilities as the Iron Fist and his past life as heir to Rand Enterprises makes his way back to New York City in search for answers to his parents death and his own destiny.

The cast, let's start with:

Danny Rand, I think Finn Jones has a good likeness to the comic book and cartoon representations of Iron Fist. He does a great portrayal of a what is essentially a living weapon still in the mindset of his past 10 year old self working to reintegrate into general society and contending with evil forces attempting to twist his perception of the truth and use him for their own malevolent purposes. If I had one shallow complaint I would say maybe he could bump up the weight training a tad and harden up physically but other than that a more than acceptable TV adaptation of the Iron Fist.

Coleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick plays an attractive no nonsense martial arts teacher who runs a dojo in downtown Manhattan. Her onscreen personality is said to be a good semblance of the printed comic book character and overall she does a great job and has good onscreen chemistry with Finn Jones. Her initial encounters with Danny leave her skeptical but at the same time curious about the young zen-like Kung Fu master. As time goes on will things change?