• Dante

Death of pop culture.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Pop culture, in the past we had gods. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Van Halen, George Michael, Eddie Murphy, Michael J. Fox, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the list goes on and on. What happened to the media industry? They all stood on their pedestals and delivered magic to American society. Now we go on YouTube and the god of the day does their silly slapstick stunt to amuse us. Did the internet kill our gods? As much as we hate to admit they were gods in their own right. We praised there every tune and scene and hoped they would give us more. No we didn't have an instantaneous mechanism to tell us when they did something spectacular or anything at all. We just waited like good disciples at what miracle or feat they might produce next.

In this age of instant gratification I have a problem understanding why Psy - Gangnam style get's almost 3 billion hits while Van Halen's Eruption get's only 20 million. And the problem has gotten a whole lot worse in the last 5 years. Anyone who knows the skill necessary to play a guitar would tell you the same. Maybe I am out of touch so be it but I have to say the level of talent to becoming an idol or "god" has definitely fell into the gutter.

I think we need to get back to raising the bar. As much as we would like to believe everyone is a winner it is damaging the fabric of our nation. I believe our nation has a bounty of talent but we need to elevate ourselves past an individual farting to a popular orchestral symphony. Let's be better as American's. Innovate and create, not belch up every weird thought that comes to mind. Come on let's get it together!

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