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Attack on Titan - Live Action Movie - Part One - Review

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Attack on Titan - Live Action Movie - Part 1 now available on Amazon On Demand. The story begins 100 years in the past where giant human-like monsters called Titans suddenly appear on the earth nearly wiping out humanity. Civilization in a last ditch effort to preserve itself construct a refuge consisting of three massive concentric walls each segmenting the area into three separate regions. The humans have lived in relative security since the construction of the walls until a 200 ft. Colossal Titan appears breaching the outermost wall and allowing the smaller yet numerous Titans to flood into the outer region overwhelming any defenses that were defending it. Humanity now attempts to make a last ditch effort to seal the outer wall and reclaim the vital agricultural region in order to survive.

The plot is centered around three young characters Eren, Armin and Mikasa. Eren is consumed with thoughts of life beyond the wall and expresses these feeling to his friends. Upon going on a mischievous hike to the outer wall the group is confronted by Captain of the Garrison Souda where he is sympathetic to Eren's ambitions of life outside the walls. The Captain hints to the group of youngsters about a soon to come scouting expedition beyond the walls to prospect potential reclamation of the lands. Almost immediately after the dialogue between the group the attack by the Colossal Titan ensues and the 100 years of peace for the humans comes to an abrupt end. The movie then focuses on the introduction of many new characters and their attempt to seal the wall breach and expand the Survey Corps' Special Operations Squad. The movie also climaxes with a surprise change for one of the main characters.

Coming into the movie with many expectations being a watcher of the first released anime series I was overjoyed at how true to the original anime story and essence the film was. I think anyone watching many sci-fi / fantasy and comic book derived movie adaptions of their favorite story lines are left feeling betrayed or short changed. This was by no means the case for Attack on Titan, the main story felt primarily intact, the depictions of the titans in my opinion could not of been done any better. The action sequences were done in such a way that it was as if the anime transformed into real life. I know in the past regarding special effects many Japanese productions just seem to look sub-par to their American counterparts but this movie definitely gets a gold star. I am really confident that this movie would appeal to anyone who watched and enjoyed the original anime series. If you didn't watch the original series then your in for a real treat if you can handle the relentless gore of humans constantly being eaten by Titans. From the Ragingeek we thank you for reading, checkout a teaser trailer below for the movie if you need more reason to watch Attack on Titan - Live Action Movie - Part One.

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