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Game of Thrones - Daenerys Goes Berzerk - Series Finale

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The war was won and a new and prosperous reign would begin under the just and watchful rule of Queen Daenerys but all things tend to come full circle. Targaryen blood is thick and when Queen Daenerys is faced with the choice of mercy or total annihilation for King's Landing she would choose the latter. The Mad Queen would now come to rule and many of the allies who fought along side Daenerys now have to make some tough choices and quickly. It is easy to see how once close friends will quickly be viewed as traitors and now Westeros would need to be liberated from from its self-proclaimed liberator. The latest episode (Season 8, Episode 5) would result in the death of another batch of main characters during the onslaught of dragon fire.

First was Lord Varys being sentenced guilty as a traitor and executed by being burned alive by Drogon. From the scene it was implied that Tyrion was the one who tipped off Daenerys of Varys' disloyalty. Then Jaime Lannister would kill Euron Greyjoy during a fight to the death while trying to sneak into the Red Keep to Cersei. Jaime and Cersei Lannister would die by a heap of falling rubble in the tunnels beneath the city while attempting to flee the carnage being unleashed by Daenerys and Drogon. The Mountain and the Hound would face off in mortal combat with both men falling to their death from the Red Keep into a blaze of fire below. This would not be before The Mountain would crush Qyburn to death by throwing him about 15 feet into a stone wall as a result of unwisely trying to give him orders not to fight his brother. This would leave me to think The Mountain was never some undead zombie willing to accept any order from Qyburn or Cersei but a resurrected conscious man with supernatural qualities.

One of the big questions is how will Jon Snow now view his Queen. Is his loyalty to her still unwavering after now seeing what she has become and the acts she is willing to commit in order to secure the throne. Will he he come to the realization that it was the lack of desire to rise and claim his birthright which resulted in the countless deaths in King's Landing. Can Jon continue to tell those closest to him "He doesn't want it" when now faced with the grim reality his one and only queen is no better than her crazed father the Mad King. It is for certain that Jon will now have to decide between what is best not only for the North but for the Seven Kingdoms or his love for Daenerys. A thought I played around with is there will come a situation where Drogon will have to choose between the two Targaryen heirs which will decide the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and influence all remaining forces on who to follow.

Then there is the wild card factor of the Stark sisters though I believe Arya will play more of a deciding role in the last episode if any. With Cersei gone will Arya now make an attempt to assassinate Daenerys? Who's face would she use if she tried... Jon's? After all that has transpired it would be hard if the two sisters didn't give Jon a good dose of "I told you so" because he definitely deserves it and was blinded by personal feelings for Daenerys and his own lack of ambition to be ruler. With this sharp turn of events it is a mystery of where the final episode will take its fans but I am sure it will be nothing less than shocking. One thing going forward is for sure, that if you cross the Mad Queen you're sure to get burnt.

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