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DragonBall Z Super - BROLY, Could be the worst DBZ movie in years.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Well maybe not the worst DBZ movie. After 25 years the infamous BROLY returns to the now DragonBall Z Super universe in the animated feature length film Dragon Ball Z Super - Broly. A long time has passed and our main heroes Goku and Vegeta have gotten much more powerful since the days when having gold hair meant being at the top of the DBZ food chain. The movie revisits the origin of Broly, Goku and Vegeta and the destruction of the Saiyan home world by Frieza. Broly grows up exiled on a inhospitable planet with only his father to look after him. Broly's father would ultimately groom his son to be a trained beast with no mind of his own even fitting him with a shock collar for times when he becomes uncontrollable. Where the new movie differs from the old story of Broly is the crossing of paths with Frieza. This meeting of the two will form into an alliance along with Broly's dad and bring them to Earth. This would also coincidentally align with Frieza's quest to collect all the Dragon Balls so he can make his normal form 5 cm's taller (don't ask why, the movie will explain). Brolly ultimately faces off with Vegeta and Goku to decide the fate of planet Earth.

Akira Toriyama does a good job of revamping the past Broly history and the new DBZ Super series into one cohesive story line and movie. There are a few appearances of some of the original series characters when they were younger which was interesting to see as well as some familiar faces from recent years. I feel it falls flat in one main area such as the redundant fight sequences with Broly. Aside from some innovative camera angles and catchy beats for the action scenes it seemed to lack any creativity or innovation. It just seemed to be a predictable seesaw of transformation power-ups with Broly seeming more annoyingly reminiscent of the Hulk every time he got angrier (jeesh, even his power ups are green!). As a whole I was OK with spending the $20 bucks I paid for the Bluray on Amazon. Ultimately Dragon Ball Z Super - Broly is entertaining but hardly memorable, I still say give it a watch and see for yourself. Thanks for reading and talk to you soon.


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