Star Wars - The Last Jedi - The Perfect End of a Legend

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

So the long anticipated Star Wars - The Last Jedi makes its movie debut this weekend. The Ragingeek made it's way over to Regal Theaters in North Brunswick, NJ to check out the long awaited return of Luke Skywalker. The theater has not been this packed since we started going here and it was nice to see the franchise can still bring people into the box office. The movie runs about two and a half hours so if you are planning to see it be ready for a nice long enjoyable watch. This review has many spoilers so if you don't want to know what happened in the movie stop reading here. I will keep the details to a minimum as to not make viewing the movie too redundant and still leave room for many surprises.

The movie starts off with the traditional Star Wars anthem and the Episode VIII title scrolling up the screen. The story is pretty much the same as usual the Empire *cough* First Order has destroyed the last remnants of the Republic and has the rebels on the run. The only hope for the resistance is the return of Luke Skywalker which hopefully will rally their forces and defeat in the end defeat the evil First Order. To start off this movie has a lot going on, just when you see a plot twist come to a conclusion another one sprouts up immediately after. The film consistently keeps you on edge and you never know what lies around the next bend in the story. There are elements from both Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi episodes in the film and after viewing the whole movie it definitely seems like a closing of the old Lucas story line and the dawn of the Disney era.

After the initial credits the story begins with the First Order about to strike the final blow on a no longer hidden rebel base. You definitely feel undertones of Empire Strikes back at this point. The rebels are attempting to flee and send Commander Poe to distract them in his lone X-Wing fighter while the transports try to escape. Poe does his job but in his reckless bravado sees an opportunity to destroy a large First Order Dreadnought which would be relative to the Super Star Destroyer from the original trilogy. Against Leia's better judgement they go ahead with the assault and destroy the enemy ship but with massive losses resulting in Poe being eventually demoted to Captain. I have to say after watching this movie I have grown to like the character Poe more and he definitely is one of the rebellion's larger than life characters. The story then segues back to where episode seven left off where Rey tries to convince Luke to train her and return to fight the First Order and change the tide of the war.

Ahch-To is the island where Luke exiles himself to after his failure training Ben Solo and a group of Jedi students. The island is the original Jedi Temple and home to the ancients texts of the Jedi. Mark Hamill does a great job of performing the role of Luke and at the same time providi