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New Jersey Collectors Convention in Cherry Hill - Worth a look!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Today the Ragingeek took a trip down to Cherry Hill, NJ for the New Jersey Collectors Convention hosted at the Holiday Inn. The show specializes in retro toys from the 80's but also has toys of earlier and later generations. The event runs the whole weekend from 8am-4pm and general admission is $10 and for $20 you get a 2-day pass with raffle tickets to be entered for a number of door prizes which are announced throughout the day. Parking is plentiful and it's conveniently located near many major roadways (I-95, I-295).

I initially entered through the side entrance of the inn and followed the trickling flow of bag holding toy collectors. As I made my way to the main table area there was a side room with a large NECA banner over it. I entered and noticed stacks of NECA actions figures for extremely reduced prices and they were really good. I am talking Aliens and Predator figures for like $15. There were also a number of other figures as low as $5 to $10 of various titles.

I make my way to the main entrance and pay the admission fee. At the entrance there were a couple of display models of Walking Dead and another medieval title I was not familiar with.

The show had retro and new toys from all the major toy titles. Among them but not limited to some of the items we noticed were the following:

1. A large selection of old and new Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, Marvel, DC and Star Wars collectibles.

2. A modest selection of Gundam model kits but not much Japanese merchandise other than that.

3. There were a couple of vendors selling some rare retro video game titles which included NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis and Playstation.

I notice due to the large selection of toys you usually have to make a few laps around all the tables to make sure you see everything. All the vendors are very friendly and eager to sell as most I dealt with were willing to haggle which was refreshing. The vendor prices were fairly reasonable and competitive with eBay prices which in my experience is usually not the case. I picked up quite a bit of stuff during the visit and have posted a picture below and will list them. In all I spent about $300.

1. Original He-Man and Skeletor with mounts and all weapons.

2. NES titles: Times Lore (rare with box), Paperboy, Bionic Commando, Ikari Warriors, Ninja Gaiden II, Ghosts 'N Goblins.

3. Original AD&D by LJN Strongheart mount.

4. MASK Thunderhawk

5. Starscream framed print.

6. RPG dice.

If you live in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia area and collect toys I would definitely give this show a look as you will likely find something of interest. I spent about two hours there and was glad I went. From the Ragingeek thanks for reading and check us out again soon.

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