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The Wayne, NJ Toy Show - NJ's biggest little Toy Show

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Once a month in Wayne, NJ dealers and collectors will descend upon the local Volunteer Fire House to show and trade collectible toys, comics and memorabilia. The show opens it's doors on the first Sunday of every month. Parking is available at the location as well as food. This last Sunday August 6th the Ragingeek decided it was time to take a first hand look at the show to see what it had to offer.

As I pulled up to the location there were a couple of vendors outside the front door selling toys and POP! figures. There was also a guest artist there showcasing their works. When you enter the front door the admission table is immediately to your left. Admission is $8 for early entry (8am-9am), $5 after that and kids under 8 are free. We paid our $5 bucks and proceeded into the venue. The immediate room when you enter the building has about four vendor tables and they mostly had toys from the 80's, 90's and current. One of the tables had a number of vintage Atari and NES titles for sale loose and in the box. The same table also had a number of 80's toys loose and new in the box from the 80's.

I then entered the main room and you have pretty much have three choices, left, right or straight. So I go right and continue on, I noticed a side room where a collector had set up a vintage video game exhibit. The video game room had old Commodore 64's, Apple IIc's, Atari 2600's and more from that era. It kind of took me off guard and was pretty cool to see. As I browse the tables the summary of items that I noticed were the following:

1. Vintage He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers and Sta Wars.

2. Pre-1970 and 70's, 80's and 90's toys of all types, NECA toys and much more.

3. Golden to Modern age comics. One dealer had some nice Marvel titles. I even saw a beat-up Amazing Spider-Man #1 and a graded #7. Along with a number of other key issues graded and ungraded.

4. A decent selection of Manga, Godzilla and Gundam toys and models.

5. Poster's and other prints.

6. Lot's of DVD's of current and vintage titles.

The dealers are all very friendly though I'd have to say you need to be very selective of what you buy. Many items sold here seem priced a bit on the high side though this is not to say bargains can not be had. There were a number of items I definitely wanted to buy but when I checked online they could be had for reasonably cheaper prices. Word of advice is just to go there with the intent of looking for that one key acquisition and then call it a day but don't let that stop you from looking around and browsing the whole venue.

So I did numerous rounds of the tables but couldn't really find any deals or finds that would compel me to buy something. I decided to leave and right as I am stepping out of the main room something catches my eye. I like most geeks love Japanese anime but I am a big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I noticed a HUGE statue of Rei Ayanami that I have NEVER seen before. It has got to be at least 24" tall which I will measure soon and update this article if necessary. The dealer explains to me that this was a promotional item to vendors and very rare. I of course frantically checked to see if I could find anything remotely like it on eBay before I made an offer but couldn't. The dealer set the price at $500 but I was able to get him to accept my offer of $400. As I was buying and inspecting the item it started to really draw a lot of attention to the table being it was deceivingly tucked away in a corner of his table display and I suspect not many noticed it.

Wow, talk about a happy camper and right before I was about to leave. Another thing I noticed is many of these show dealers will accept on the spot PayPal payments which is really convenient since I didn't have enough cash on me at the time of purchase. So like I said when you come here look closely and be patient. I know like many collectors the urge to buy is sometimes overwhelming but best to walk out with money in hand and be able to spend and play another day. This day though we definitely got lucky. So check out the Wayne, NJ Toy Show, it is definitely worth at least a onetime visit if your in the Central or Northern New Jersey area. If you search on Facebook their page will have all the information regarding the event. From the Ragingeek, thanks for reading and keep checking back for more geek adventures.

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