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ZAPP! Comics - New Jersey's Premiere Comic Stop

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

This Sunday afternoon we visited ZAPP! comics. We have visited ZAPP! at both their locations on numerous occasions but have yet to comment to the masses on how their doing. ZAPP! has two locations, the main store is in Wayne, NJ and their satellite store in Manalapan, NJ. There is a big difference so if your just looking for a fix Manalapan is fine but their Wayne, NJ store is the place to check out. We happened to be in Wayne this Sunday afternoon and decided to stop by.

To visualize this store is setup like a long hall. Think of a hall of collectible goodness as the store stretches itself in an outward red carpet of geek euphoria. Comics, toys, cards and video games really there is something here for everyone I am not exaggerating. The prices are very fair and set to move. If you see something your looking for you are going to buy it without hesitation. To summarize the store in a couple of sentences we have on the wall silver ages comics (many gems) and toys from the 90's and current. Within arms reach we have all current comics and in the middle aisle all filler back issues.Towards the back of the store is the alcove of toys. You also have your POP! figures, graphic novels and trading cards.

The highlights of the store exhibit a number of key gem issues (ungraded). I noticed an X-Men #1, Ironman #1, Silver Surfer #1, Captain America #100, 1st app. of Ghost Rider, Black Panther #1 and many more. In the back we have numerous MIB and loose original Star Wars toys, Transformers, Godzilla and Wrestling figures from the 80's and 90's, DBz and lot's more. In the aisles you will also notice a case of retro video game merchandise. I personally raided this case and took a number of NES titles and a rare Intellivision AD&D cartridge complete with box. The prices were very reasonable and will leave you deciding which titles to pick to suit your budget.

The store hold's a number of customer driven events to lure in business so keep an eye out for something that suits your fancy. We typically frequent the Manalapan location and starve for a taste of what Wayne has to offer but sometimes get a glimpse. The owner Ben is always willing to shoot the breeze if you catch him at the Wayne location. He definitely has a great business going and we salute him. From the Ragingeek we definitely recommend both locations specifically the Wayne, NJ location for all your geek needs.

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