• Dante

Nintendo Switch - Sell Out

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

So it's a quiet Sunday afternoon and what do you know, my local Toys R' Us has a Nintendo Switch just sitting behind the glass doors in R-Zone. Either sales have slowed or I am just lucky but hey what else do I got to do with $300 bucks so I go to Customer Service and say I'll take it. Wait a minute though, I need a Joy-Con charging dock, a case to hold any cartridges and the fact it comes with no games so I bought one final price out the door was $415. I still need to eventually buy another Joy-Con too.

I get home and get unpacking, looks good so far it's all hooked up. OK, power on and looks like I need a Nintendo account, fair enough, done. So I bought "Super Bomberman" with it, hey it was one of the classic originals. Get to playing and fell like it was 50 bucks not well spent. OK, let's try some time proven winners "Super Mario Kart". Eww, look Super Mario Kart in HD so pretty. 5 minutes later, $60 bucks for this... Man, it's like same ol' just being upscaled to HD. There really is no wow factor. This is stuff I would expect from Android free market not cutting edge Nintendo.

Yeah so I can pull my console up as a tablet and take it on the go... Hey you know what, big whoop. C'mon, Sony has already bridged the gap for being mobile with the Vita and made their console accessible from anywhere. Yeah you would need some sort of internet connectivity but today that's not much of a stretch not to mention the Vita being a formidable system on it's own. I am not saying the system isn't viable (they have some good titles coming out) but if Nintendo expects to be around much longer I don't think this system helped them much.

This system seems like it was developed basically to deceive consumers and make them purchase more Nintendo hardware... Really now, a Joy-Con for $80 the to connect them an additional $20. $100 dollars per joystick. Simply stated Nintendo SOLD OUT and this is a last ditch effort to generate revenue in hopes to grant them a life line until they might come up with something better. Frankly, I don't see them coming up with much after this system. It is despicable to see the amount of hardware for sale to accommodate this system. It reeks of a marketing catastrophe and just amounts to a money pit for potential buyers. It just seems like every possible separate piece of hardware they could slap a price tag on they did and it's not cheap.

Do I like Nintendo, yes. Do I feel like they built this latest console for gamers and the future, no. Seems more like this was engineered to replenish their cash capitol reserves. In the end, it has a couple of OK titles and it is somewhat stylish but it is lacking in hardware specs and competitive game titles. For me this was merely a novelty buy and nothing more.

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