• Dante

Minecraft - 5 years later

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Minecraft is a game of creativity and adventure. Use of building blocks enable you to create your world from the ground up. Adventuring, mining, crafting and other activities are also available to players. It has been just over 5 years since the release of Minecraft and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact sales of Minecraft per the official website averaged 53,000 per day in 2016. The phenomenon spans every section of the planet, heck 4 copies were even said to be sold in Antarctica. To date over 107 million copies have been sold. So you might ask where do we go from here?

Almost every mod, skin, worldscape and scenario imaginable has been depicted in Minecraft and they keep coming up with more. Multi-player (Realms), creative and survival modes, story modes, solo-play and mini-games ensure every aspect of game play can be achieved. The latest major release of the Minecraft product line is virtual reality or Minecraft VR. Easy enough to envision, your actually in the world of Minecraft what could be better. What better a gift to users who brought all these creative worlds to life in the Minecraft universe that are now able to experience first hand their creations by being fully immersed in them.

I consider myself a gamer and never really understood what people saw in the game. Retro 8-bit like graphics and placing building blocks frankly sounded less than appealing. When your used to games like Warcraft, Overwatch and Grand Theft Auto it seems like a tall order to compete with. Then one weekend I said what the heck and picked it up on the Playstation 4. I did some reading online like I usually do with any new game to get the 411. Creative mode you definitely can make amazing creations but if you do the same creations with survival mode there is an added sense of accomplishment being you had to contend with creepers, hunger and gathering of materials. I chose survival mode and have been hooked ever since.

The game definitely has an addictive quality to it. For someone like myself who tends to be a collector the accumulation of resources and reorganizing of blocks definitely suck you in for the long haul. There is definitely an emotional connection to your creations and efforts. Creepers are always on the prowl to disrupt your hard work with a modest dose of TNT. I have spent more times than not shouting my frustrations after a long hour of mining deep in some cavern trying to make my way back home only to get surprisingly taken out by a creeper and lose all the resources I mined.

The Minecraft community as a whole is filled with many people who enjoy helping others in there pursuit of fun and creativity. I never played a multi-player game (MMO) where the majority of the people were anxious to help others. I look forward now to picking up Minecraft VR for my Samsung Gear VR to further the experience. Wish it would come out for Playstation VR as I also own that as well. I hope you give Minecraft a try as well and join a vast world of creative enjoyment. Take it from the Ragingeek it's worth a try.

Yours Truly,

Dante C.

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