• Dante

Sony Playstation VR vs. Samsung Gear VR

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Let the VR wars begin, finally high quality virtual reality is now affordable to the masses. Today we will be going over Sony Playstation VR (PSVR) along with the Samsung Gear VR (SGVR). We have done a good amount of testing with both systems here at the Ragingeek and this is what we think.


From a price perspective both the PSVR and SGVR are great entry level options to virtual reality compared to their high priced competitors the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The PSVR headset prices in at $399.99 where the SGVR is only $99.99.

The catch: Both these items are far from stand-alone purchases. The PSVR definitely taking the cake for cost. For PSVR your looking at $299.99 for a new PS4 console, $59.99 for a motion camera, $36.99 for each Move controller and you will need two. PSVR totals in at about $850 just to get started. How this worked for me being a die hard Sony Playstation user I already owned Move controllers from my PS3 days and a PS4 and a motion camera so this worked out great. So for Playstation fans the decision for entry into VR with the PSVR might be much easier. For SGVR the headset costs $99.99 and you will need a compatible Samsung mobile smartphone the best averaging around $500.00. Compatible phones are: Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Plus you will want a bluetooth controller averaging at around $50. SGVR could get you into the VR scene for about $650. For myself again this was an easy sale being I am an Android user and usually only use Samsung phones my current one being the Note 5. For people in the market for an Android phone this might also be a reason to go Samsung Gear VR.

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