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What If? The Avengers battled the Justice League.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

What If The Avengers battled the The Justice League, who would win? The battle would be monumental. Would your decision depend on your favorite comic book brand or possibly just one favorite superhero. Let's size them up and you decide for yourself. The following comparisons are purely subjective to what the Ragingeek thinks are the most logical match-ups and may not include all registered team members. We picked out 7 members from each team and this is what we came up with.

1. Superman vs. The Hulk

This is by far the most difficult match-up and the topic of heated debates for years. Who would win in a straight up brawl between Superman and The Hulk.

Let's start with Superman. Superman is a humanoid alien from the planet Krypton who lives on Earth using the name Clark Kent. His powers are dependent on our yellow sun which he absorbs and fuel his great abilities and also provide him with extraordinary regenerative powers. He possesses superhuman strength, endurance, speed and reflexes. He is near invulnerable from physical harm and immune to sickness and disease. He has a number of superhuman abilities which include but are not limited to flight, x-ray and heat vision, superhuman senses, breath and intellect. Superman also has a slower aging rate than of a human. The extent of Superman's strength has been shown to that of being able to move planetary bodies in space and possibly beyond. Some of Superman's weaknesses include Green Kryptonite, magic and mental derived attacks and red solar radiation. Superman's powers also greatly depend on the yellow radiation of the Earth's sun so if under extended periods of extreme stress he will begin to weaken if he is unable to absorb solar energy.

Now the Hulk. Bruce Banner is a genius level scientist from Earth who was victim to a gamma bomb experiment he created. After this incident Banner was turned into the green monster called the Hulk. The Hulk possesses superhuman strength to an extent which is still unknown but is widely claimed to be limitless. His strength at any given time is measured by his temper hence the angrier the hulk gets his strength increases exponentially. The Hulk's strength has been shown to reach destructive levels on a planetary scale and has been analyzed by cosmic level beings as to having no finite limits. Hulk also has shown the ability to reach superhuman speeds, leaping and become stronger when exposed radiation. Hulk also is extremely resistant to physical and mental attacks and has extraordinary regenerative powers which grant him prolonged exposure to underwater and the vacuum of space. Hulk has little to no weaknesses that can not be overcome by his regenerative abilities but if slowed down enough he has been pacified before by chemical type attacks such as knockout gas but these attacks need to be applied continuously to have any effectiveness.

With all being said we gave it some thought and though we wanted to call this what if battle a draw we decided that a large factor of the Hulk's powers were determined by his anger level and speculative potential. That being said along with Superman's vast variety of abilities at his disposal we made Superman the winner of this superhero match-up

2. Cyborg vs. Iron Man

Battle of the techno titans. Which one will win?

Victor Stone a.k.a Cyborg was the victim of an explosion at S.T.A.R Labs where most of his body was destroyed. He was saved by his father a prominent scientist using experimental technology. Cyborg's body is mostly made of metallic machinery which grants him superhuman strength, speed, endurance and flight. His metallic composition makes him far more durable than a normal human. Other abilities include superhuman vision from his cybernetic eye. The ability to interface with external computers for hacking purposes. He has a number of tools available to him such as a grappling hook and finger laser. His primary weapon is his sonic cannon which can be used to attack the hearing of foes or bend matter. His cybernetic makeup also has a self repair system which can attend to his mechanical and biological systems in the event of injury. Cyborg also possesses an innate exceptionally high IQ.

Iron Man or "Shellhead" who's publicly known identity is Tony Stark is an engineering genius and owner of Stark Enterprises. He created a crude prototype of the Iron Man suit initially as a means of escaping terrorists who raided one of his military business presentations and took him captive. He later further developed the suit and became the superhero known as Iron Man. Iron Man's suit has gone through many revisions but his primary weapons have remained the same for the most part. Iron Man's main weapon are his repulsor rays located in the palm of his gloves. The repulsor ray is a powerful particle beam which can repel physical and energy attacks. The repulsors can also be manipulated into a focused or wide dispersal attack. In addition the suit has a wide variety of projectile and energy generation weapons including a laser torch which is fixed into his glove finger. Iron Man's ultimate weapon is his Uni-Beam an energy beam weapon which draws on the power of the suits other systems. The weapon can only be used sparingly due it's power consumption and is strong enough to hurt the likes of Thor or the Hulk. Defensive capabilities include nano tech based super metal alloys reinforced by a force field. The suit can also produce an electrical discharge to repel foreign entities which come into contact with it.

After weighing abilities we gave Iron Man a decisive victory in this match-up. The incredible arsenal available to the Iron Man suit just seemed too much for Cyborg to possibly handle.

3. Wonder Woman vs. Thor

Both born of the gods, who would win this colossal match-up?

Wonder woman, child of Hippolyta and Zeus was born among the Amazons on Paradise Island and holds the title god of war. She is a full-time superhero and ambassador for her warrior nation. When under the guise of her secret identity Diana Prince she works as an agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Wonder Woman is a master fighter trained in many forms of combat. She possesses superhuman strength, speed, flight and durability. Wonder Woman also has an assorted array of god-forged items that she uses. Her tiara which can be used like a boomerang type weapon also protects from telepathic attacks. More notably her indestructible bracelets which are usually used to deflect incoming physical or energy attacks. Lastly the Lasso of Truth (Lariet of Hestia) which is also virtually indestructible and can be used to force the truth out of targets. She also has been known to use an invisible jet which can fly at supersonic speeds.

Thor is the son of Odin and Gaea and comes from the world of Asgard. He is also the Asgardian god of thunder. Thor is skilled at hand to hand and armed combat. He possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, agility, durability (nearly invulnerable) and regenerative powers. As an Asgardian he has an extremely long life span. Thor has heightened senses to the degree where he can detect objects moving faster than light. He is immune to all Earth diseases and resistant to magical attacks. Thor has two weapons, his primary weapon being the mystical hammer Mjolnir. Mjolnir has many powers Thor can tap into such as weather manipulation, flight, dimensional travel, energy projection. Mjolnir also serves as an exceptional melee weapon which he can also throw. Thor has the ability to recall Mjolnir to his possession on mental command. The hammer also provides Thor his most powerful weapon the "God Blast". Thor's secondary weapon is his Belt of Strength which doubles his strength and endurance. In combat under dire circumstances Thor is capable of entering a state of "Warrior's Madness" which increases his strength and stamina ten times but will cloud his senses to where he can not distinguish friend from foe.

This was a hard decision and I think either way we go there is going to be a lot of huffing and puffing. With the combination of the hammer and near invulnerability plus the Warrior Madness and and God Blast if he got in trouble we are going to give this win to Thor.

4. Flash vs. Quicksilver

Both speedsters but who is the fastest.

Quicksilver, created from a failed experiment by the High Evolutionary along with his sister Scarlet Witch then returned to their parents then believing them to be mutants. Quicksilver is able to attain supersonic running speeds up to Mach 10 (7672.69 mph). While at super speeds he is resistant to physical attacks and atmospheric friction. Quicksilver also has faster regenerative abilities due to his superhuman metabolism. His super speed allows him to perform feats such as creating tornado force winds, scaling up vertical walls and running over expanses of water. He can also use his body to transfer vibrations into other objects. He possesses enhanced reflexes and agility. His mind also works faster from a short term memory perspective. One of Quicksilver's shortcomings is being impatient with others due to his perpetual super quick mental state.

Barry Allen a.k.a the Flash is a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department. One night working on the job a bolt of lightning struck a laboratory table which had a number of unknown chemicals on it covering Barry in them. Barry was then granted the abilities of super speed and would later create the superhero known as The Flash. The Flash is able to run, think and react at light speeds. He also possesses superhuman endurance and regenerative abilities. His super speed allows him to phase through walls in a process he calls quantum tunneling. The Flash can also use his speed to make wind vortexes and lightning bolt attacks. His is able to read at super speeds and attains vast amounts of knowledge within a short time span. Barry Allen possesses a superior level IQ as well. The Flash has also been known to use his super speed to time travel.

Speed is king in this battle and without a doubt The Flash is the master of speed being able to travel at speeds comparative to light. Flash wins.

5. Batman vs. Captain America

One a crime fighter striking fear into the hearts of criminals and the other a perfect soldier fighting for the star-spangled banner.

The Dark Knight. Batman who's secret identity is Bruce Wayne is a master detective and martial artist. He is also a well practiced scientist who's vast fortune gives him access to limitless technologies. Young Bruce Wayne who in the wake of witnessing his parents murdered created the vigilante crime fighting persona of Batman. Some of Batman's weapons are his suit which is mostly composed of Kevlar and Nomex type materials making Batman extremely resistant to bullets, impacts and heat based attacks. He also wears a utility belt which holds most of the weapons and gadgets he utilizes he is crime fighting. Some of these items include but are not limited to small explosive devices, batarangs (hand thrown projectiles) and a propelled grappling hook. One exception to Batman's weapon inventory is the exclusion of guns which he will not use on the basis of principle which derives from the incident associated to the death of his parents. Batman also uses a Batmobile and it's air equivalent the Batwing which are highly armored and weaponized vehicles that enhance his superhero efforts.

Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America was a participant of a Super Soldier experiment during World War 2. The experiment was a combination of the Super-Soldier serum and Vita-Ray treatment. The creator of the treatment died before any other subjects could be tested on which made Captain America one of a kind. Captain America has no superhuman abilities but with the Super Soldier treatment was granted the peak physical abilities of the human body. The Super Soldier formula provided enhanced regenerative abilities, strength, speed, reflexes, agility and endurance. Captain America has a top running speed of just under 50 mph. Captain America is a superior military tactician and hand to hand combatant mixing a number of martial arts into his own proprietary style. Captain America's primary weapon is his shield which display the U.S.A colors and is virtually indestructible. Captain America is extremely adept with the shield and can throw it to hit virtual targets and have it return to him. Cap also has been known to carry a .50 caliber pistol.

It was tough to call a winner for this and my heart kept screaming stalemate. Given the amount of tech and possibly even superior fighting ability I had to give this battle to Batman.

6. Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

Both of them aiming for the bulls eye but which one will hit their mark.

Clint Barton a.k.a Hawkeye is a master archer and marksmen. His superior reflexes and hand to eye coordination make him the best archer on the face of the planet. Hawkeye is also proficient in throwing weapons such as knives, darts, boomerangs, etc.. He is an excellent all around athlete and hand to hand fighter. He has been known to train extensively with Captain America. His knowledge in weaponry enables him to be a formidable weapons creator. He often creates a number of custom made arrow heads to assist in his efforts. Hawkeye is also a proven leader, exceptional aviator and able motorcyclist.

Oliver Queen a.k.a the Green Arrow was once a selfish millionaire playboy. After being pushed overboard at sea on one of his leisure boat outings and being stranded on a tropical island for a time bearing witness to a number of injustices he became the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow is considered by many super humans as the Greatest Archer in world. He has also proclaimed himself never to miss his target. He can accomplish incredibly accurate shots being off balance or by not looking straight at his target. The Green Arrow is in peak human physical condition and is trained in many martial fighting styles and is also adept with a sword. He utilizes a number of custom type arrows such as those with explosive heads and grappling capabilities. Like Hawkeye the Green Arrow is also a very capable aviator.

This was another close one though I will give the victory to Green Arrow for reason which I believe to be superior fighting ability.

7. Martian Manhunter vs. Vision

One from Earth the other from Mars who will win.

J'onn J'onzz a.k.a the Martian Manhunter is a keeper of the peace from the planet Mars. He was accidentally transported from Mars from an experiment performed by a human scientist on Earth. Martian Manhunter possesses superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight, speed, stamina and regeneration. His strength compares to that of Superman and his invulnerability surpasses even that. He has a vast array of superpowers some of which are but not limited to shape-shifting which seems to be limited to some extent only by his imagination. He can use this power in a number of ways to change his molecular composition and even as an offensive weapon such as turning his hand into an edged weapon. Invisibility and intangibility. Telepathy which rivals that of the most powerful telepaths on Earth and off world. His telepathy can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon (e.g. Psionic Blast or Psionic Shield.Telekinesis which allows him to move and manipulate objects. Martian breath much like Superman's super breath which can be used to create great forces of wind. He also possesses X-Ray vision and has a longer lifespan than that of a human being. Martian Manhunter has exceptional intelligence and is known to be a skilled diplomat and crime detective. One of his known weaknesses is fire.

Vision is the synthetic humanoid creation of Ultron. Vision was later convinced by the Avengers to side with them to defeat Ultron. Vision is composed of synthetic materials and has a Solar Jewel on his forehead which absorbs solar light which he utilizes as a primary power source. This harnessed energy can also be discharged as a weapon in the form of various energy blasts. In dire circumstances the energy can also be discharged from the jewel itself which amplifies it's destructive damage considerably but it renders Vision heavily power drained. Vision can phase shift to another dimension allowing him to alter his physical density. Depending on how he alters his density he can become intangible allowing him the ability of flight and also perform physical disruption attacks in which he can phase his hand inside a solid object then partially re-materialize himself inside of it. This type of attack can cause great distress in and possibly incapacitate the target. On the other end of the spectrum he can increase his density to which he is granted superhuman strength and almost invulnerable durability. Aside from powers granted from his density altering ability as an android Vision has superhuman strength, reflexes, agility, stamina, speed, senses and computer like information processing and analytical capabilities. Being an Avenger he has also trained with Captain America in hand to hand combat and is highly skilled in using his abilities for battle. Aside from physical abilities Vision is also a masterful tactician and strategist. He is also an expert in his body architecture enabling him to perform complex repairs if necessary.

After careful consideration we feel that Martian Manhunter's abilities were at a level on par with beings like Superman which gave him a decisive advantage against Vision. We gave Martian Manhunter the win for this match-up.

Winner: Justice League

Some of these battles could easily gone another way depending on a number of different circumstances but we chose purely based on super powers and other ability factors. Some may or may not agree with the outcomes which is welcomed and we'd like to hear your thoughts either on our site forum (, Facebook or Twitter. Let us know and thanks for reading.


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