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New Pokemon titles revitalize Nintendo 3DS sales.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Pokemon Sun and Moon titles were released at retail stores on November 18th. The release has produced an added surge to recent already increasing Nintendo 3DS sales. Sales increases have been reported in both Japan and North America. First week Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS sales figures for Japan neared 2 million units and this was accompanied by a rise in Nintendo 3DS system sales.

Other titles are also contributing to this boost such as Monster Hunter Generations. Pokemon GO not even available on the Nintendo platform also appears to be driving players to the Nintendo 3DS system in exploration of other Pokemon titles. Over the last couple of years this trend has repeated itself with other releases of the Pokemon genre titles for the Nintendo 3DS system which resulted in a bump in system sales. There seems to be a symbiosis with the Pokemon game releases and the Nintendo 3DS hardware sales. This could lead one to think if the primary rationale to purchasing these systems is to play Pokemon titles.

The Ragingeek went on Black Friday in search of any Nintendo 3DS sales deals but came up empty. We noticed that many retailers had empty Nintendo 3DS shelves with full MSRP price labels. We were eventually able to acquire a *new* Nintendo 3DS XL system for $199.99 at Toys R' Us. We also picked up a copy of Pokemon Moon for $39.99 and noticed from the rack that Moon sales seems to be edging out Sun sales. One thing is for sure this holiday season that most buyers of Nintendo systems or games won't be asking sales associates for "Mario".

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