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New Jersey Comic Expo | A Ragingeek Exclusive

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The New Jersey Comic Expo is a two day event held each fall at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ. The expo is a crossroads of comic books and geek culture. It is a forum for many writers, artists and enthusiasts to share their respective craft to the rest of the geek community. It also provides comic book and other merchandise vendors a place to sell their products.

If you are a geek like myself the main attractions of the auction are the vast collection of vendors and the discovering of creative cosplay artists who endeavor to gain the attention of their peers. The vendors do have a great selection of rare and desirable items but you might find some vendors to have their wares priced on the high side. Some of the few items I readily recall were 1st appearance graded comic book issues of Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39 Grade 6.0 @ $6500) and Thor (Journey into Mystery #83).

There were also a number of video game vendors selling some vintage top tier titles (shown below). As you can see the prices can get far out. Little Samson for the original Nintendo Entertainment System comes in at #1 going for $1400.

A regular at the convention center is Bodnar's Auction Sales. During this NJ Comic Expo they will be auctioning a huge Superman collection from a private collector. Bodnar's Auction Sales hold regular monthly events at the NJ Convention and Expo center. Definitely something to keep in mind for serious collectors.

One of the highlights of our visit was at Robert Bruce's table where the toy connoisseur and co-producer for the hit TV series Comic Book Men was making a rare offering to the public for some of his prize treasures. The Ragingeek was able to get a few minutes with Robert to shoot the breeze and even made a purchase from his rare toy selection. We picked up a hard to find Bandai Megalon figure (shown below).

During our visit we also took note of some comic book artist veterans. Most distinguished being Mark Bagley from Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man comic book title series. We also had the pleasure of exchanging some words with Archie Comics Betty and Veronica title artist Jeff Shultz who was displaying some of his fine works.

Last but not least the cosplay enthusiasts were on patrol and display ensuring everyone was fully saturated in the comic book convention experience. We will end our telling of this visit with some cosplay pics of the day. We will include all of our NJ Comic Expo pics in the site media gallery and Pinterest page so feel free to take a look. The NJ Comic Expo is definitely worth the visit especially if you are not into the crowds of other conventions such as the NY Comic Con. The people are friendly and you are sure to leave on a positive note.

Yours Truly,

Dante C.