The Toy Room - Englishtown, NJ - Review

​ The Ragin' Geek travels to Englishtown, NJ where situated in the yellow building among the few colored structures of the Englishtown Flea Market lot is "The Toy Room". This cozy nest of toy heaven carries many collector treasures from past and recent history. The owner is a wizard of toy knowledge and is incredibly friendly. One can come here and browse in a complete stress free environment without the pressure of glaring employee eyes.

The array of items available at The Toy Room is wide as the owner makes it a point to have something for everyone. Some of the highlighted toy genres are Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, LEGO and Marvel Super Heroes. Other toy genres but not limited to are Star Trek, Godzilla, Dungeons and Dragons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC Super Heroes, Japanese imports, comic books and vintage video games. A collector could find themselves forgetting the time just gazing away at the glass toy cases and hanging items from the ceiling. Really every nook and cranny of the store has a toy strategically placed to peak your interest. For buyers the store offers used, new and consignment items from other collectors. The prices are fair and definitely compete with online options. In my experience the owner is also negotiable in certain circumstances.

Over the years I have frequented this establishment many times and it continually strives to improve its selection and appearance. During the Ragin' Geek's last visit the owner and myself engaged in an hour long conversation regarding the Star Wars movie story line and how it correlates to the book series which has also been around for some time. As we are having this conversation the owner was casually replacing worn O'rings from vintage GI Joe action figures giving them new life for potential buyers. Being a collector myself I frequently visit the onsite surrounding flea market for good buys on vintage toys and games. The flea market also has a variety of places to eat. After browsing the market I usually make my final stop The Toy Room to end my visit on a good note and so should you. You won't be disappointed.

Yours Truly,

D. Conetta