• Dante

Pokemon still a GO?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Pokemon Go, the hottest mobile game yet to date. Millions take to the streets on bike and or foot in an effort to get that rare Pokemon either by catching or hatching it. I found myself also sucked into this gaming craze and still am with the only breaks from the game being home and without any Pokeballs. Young and old (really old to my surprise) I see players at the mall, park and street feverishly swiping and tapping away at their mobile phones a sure giveaway their playing the addictive game. But how much longer will the craze last...

The general feeling on the street is the game is losing steam. With the introduction of mom and dad to the player pool and even grandma and grandpa could it be the young crowd is moving on to the next craze? Or is it the repetitive and redundant nature of the game. I mean really, how many Vaporeons and or Flareons does a player need before they feel complete. Even so myself and others find themselves sticking around waiting to see if Niantic (game developer) adds something new to the game.

On the horizon is the news of introducing Legendary Pokemon to the Pokedex. Players will have a chance to get god tier Pokemon. The new Pokemon are as follows:

Legendary Birds

Articuno - [ICE] - Max CP: 2978

Zapdos - [ELECTRIC] - Max CP: 3114

Moltres - [FIRE] - Max CP: 3240

Legendary Pokemon (Apparently most coveted)

Mew - [PSYCHIC] - Max CP: 3299

Mewtwo - PSYCHIC] - Max CP: 4144

Other Pokemon

Ditto - [NORMAL] - Max CP: 919

The word is these Pokemon will not be attainable in the wild and might be offered by special event. The Legendary Birds are also rumored to be offered to players depending on team affiliation. Another theory is retail stores will have the ability to purchase Elite Pokestops which will have the chance of spawning Legendary Pokemon. Will this soon to come update to Pokemon GO give a breath of new life to the game and will new and returning players come flocking back? Time will tell.

Yours Truly,

Dante C.