• Dante

Main Street Comics | Milltown, NJ | Review

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Nestled in the heart of Milltown, NJ is Main Street Comics. The Ragingeek visited this comic book hamlet and discovered the many jewels it had to offer comic book fans and geek hobby enthusiasts. The store is located in a small strip mall next to a dance academy. The adjoining parking lot has limited space but usually there is a spot available and also plenty of street side parking in front of the store.

Upon entering the store you will be overwhelmed by the multitude of comic and toy products lining the walls. You will find your self standing idle for a few seconds before deciding on a browsing strategy to make your way through the store. Near the entrance of the store you will find the comic back issue boxes. They have a pretty decent selection of back issues for many of the classic comic titles. Towards the top of the wall on two shelves above some of the back issue boxes you will notice the more expensive back issues. They have some hot issues available and from my experience keep these shelves updated and stocked. In the corner you will also notice a good selection of comic book protective supplies and posters on display for purchase.

Below the premium back issues on another shelf there are action figures, primarily Diamond Select Marvel figures. Across the aisle on the wall there are more action figures including but not limited to Star Wars Black series, Marvel Legends, DC Universe, Justice League. They also have a huge selection of Funko POP! vinyl figures, and a modest selection of DC and Marvel statues.

As we progress deeper in the store the counter will display some of the statues available for purchase as well as some loose vintage action figures. On the counter will be some of the feature books available including comic book variant cover issues. Behind the counter along the wall the store has some of the popular table top cards and supplies.

As we near the end of the store towards the back there are basically two sections. First are the new release comic issue consisting of all the major titles you would expect a local comic book store to carry. Second are some book cases which have a great selection of graphic novels including a revolving rack which has some big discounts on great books.

Now for the staff, the store is owned by Mike who I will add is a very friendly and personable guy. He typically runs the store partnered with his sister who is also equally a pleasure to talk with. There are certain days where Mike and sis are off and the store is manned by other help who in my experience have also been very pleasant to deal with. Mike prices all his warez to sell so if you see something you like I wouldn't sleep on making the purchase. So if your in the neighborhood give Main Street comics a visit, tell them the Ragingeek sent you!

Yours Truly,

Dante C.