• Dante

Toy action figures, breaking the bank.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

On a recent visit to my local Toys R' Us, I find myself in awe at the incredible prices toy action figures cost these days. An average action figure these days from a popular toy line can cost a minimum of $10 and on average $15. Then there are the "Deluxe" action figures which usually include some additional fluff item which can tack on another $5 to $10. With the economy still in the gutter and parents struggling to make ends meet kids today are even more demanding in our age of target advertising and social media. But with prices ever rising parents are getting less bang for their buck when it comes to toys specifically action figures which might explain the lean towards other gift options such as electronics or video games.

Back in the 80's which I consider the golden age of actions figures a parent armed with $100 bucks could give their child almost a whole toy line of actions figures and a couple of related vehicles. Now a days with the same amount of money you'd be lucky to get a couple of actions figures and a vehicle from a particular toy line. I won't even go into playsets as that would most likely eat up your budget in one swipe of the credit card. I am beginning to think these toys are more geared to kids from the 80's who now work and have money to afford these high priced toys. This leads me to think action figures are a throw back from the past, a dying culture being swallowed up by the new generation of tech-disciples. Will these toys still continue to bring joy to kids for years to come? One things for sure if toy manufacturers keep raising prices for these items they will be out of reach for young and old collectors alike.