• Dante

Samsung Gear VR is the future now?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

So a few months ago I buy a Samsung Gear VR. Hey any kid who grew up watching Lawnmower Man wouldn't pass up the chance at 21st century virtual reality for only $100 and the use of their already owned compatible smartphone (I use a Samsung Note 5). Gotta love Amazon it came to my house next day. I open the package and look at it. Looks hi-tech enough but after closer inspection I find many similarities to my 1970's Viewmaster down in the mancave. Granted it has many modern tweaks to interface with your smartphone and the 360 feature works good the actual VR headset is still just a glorified Viewmaster designed to send visuals from the phone. Getting a perfect super sharp image is also a challenge considering it is just a focus dial on the headset that adjusts the distance of the lens from the phone screen. I guess what I am trying to say that if you are looking for a society changing reality altering device keep looking because we are not there yet. I do give Samsung kudos though for producing a very entertaining accessory for your smartphone at such an economical price.

Yours Truly,

Dante C.